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Sponsoring a Doyle Club network meeting

Before the meeting

  • At least 2 mentions in emails to all 4,000  members with a link to your web site in the month before you Sponsor
  • Your business is prominently displayed on our web site Home page and on the Sponsors page for the month before your Sponsor date

On the day

  • Put up any point of sale items you want and provide brochures ect
  • Have a rolling presentation on the main bar screen (PowerPoint or similar and you need to bring your own laptop)
  • You can say a few words about your business to the assembled throng
  • You can also contribute additional raffle prizes, but it is optional.
  • You get contact details of all attendees usually around 250 to 300 people
  • Bring guests and your staff

After the meeting

  • You get a list of all registered attendees with their email addresses and the cards collected during the card draw.
  • The month after the meeting you move to Last Month’s Sponsor both on the Home page and on Sponsors page
  • 2 months after your Sponsorship you move to the Past Sponsors list.

The Sponsorship Fee and other costs

  • The sponsorship fee is £450 which provides sandwiches for the members
  • Your own bar bill for any drinks bought

The date is reserved for 14 days after the sponsorship fee is invoiced and payable at the date of booking.


  • We understand that circumstances change and you may need to cancel your sponsorship. We will do everything possible to find a substitute a sponsor for your date and therefore be able to refund your sponsorship fee.
  • Please let us know as soon as you have a problem as the more notice the more likely we will be to find a substitute.
  • Please bear in mind if you cancel within 30 days or less of the booked date it is very difficult to find substitute and a refund may not be possible.