New 2022 Doyle Club

From 1st January 2022 Doyle moves to be a network club with paying members and the subscription is as little as £1 per month (paid annually).

This is because through the COVID lock down we have not generated any income and while our expenses are small, we have eaten into our reserves and that means we cannot fund the bigger events we put on such as St George’s Day, the Summer Party and the Chairman’s lunch all of which we have to underwrite, and often pay for up front, to the tune of several £1,000s each one.

Joining gives you access to booking the events which after 1st January 2022 will be only available to 2022 Club members.

If you become a Premium member, you get discounts on special events and other benefits. If you join now, you will get these benefits from the date of signing up and for the full 2022 year – so you could get up to 18 months benefits for the cost of 12.