The Doyle Club welcomes new members and guests.

However, we do have a few conditions (not rules you understand) as we want to remain focused on the core sectors and suppliers to these sectors. We break members down into Tier 1 and 2 but we don’t have restrictive numbers in specific trade sectors like some other networks. But with 1,900 members we need to remain focused on our core sectors of developers, builders and FM.

The way we look at it if you are a buyer of services or products in any of the three core sectors then we need you at the heart of our network. Especially if all your clients or customers are in the core sectors. However, Tier 1 people still need all the peripheral services and products often from suppliers who may service many sectors as well as our core sectors. So Tier 2 are welcomed providing we can buy your products or your products are interesting to our members. And with FM that is a pretty wide range.

Ultimately since we are an invitation only network we rely on the inviting member to ensure the person will benefit and will benefit the network. Networks thrive on members making contacts and doing deals and that is our secondary network as well. “I don’t need your service just now but I know someone who does”.

Members are allowed to invite guests and they should be registered through the link to the event on the events page.

All new attendees need a personal invitation from a member, for anyone who is so unfortunate not to know a member then complete the Registration Form.

The following is a guide to our membership categories which are open to interpretation by the membership committee in its infinite wisdom (Rule 10b).

Membership categories
Tier 1:- Directly working in property, construction or FM.
Tier 2:- Suppliers and service providers to Tier 1 businesses.

Membership criteria.
You will note that we do not publicise where we meet because you need an invitation from a member who will tell you where we meet. New members by invitation from a Tier 1 member only. If your inviting member thinks you are suitable then so do we.

If you are a Tier 2 member and:-

  • want to invite a Tier 1 prospective member then please do so,
  • if you would like to invite another Tier 2 prospective please seek the Chairman’s approval.