Click here if you've lost your password

The Members Login and Market Place is now fully operational if you have received your 2nd email with new user name and password you can log in and update your profile.  

You need to do 2 things when you login for the first time

When you login and see “Hello <your user name> click Members Directory in the navigation at the top of this page and then click <Edit your Entry>

Complete the boxes on the page as required. We suggest you add a picture of yourself as it always works better than not adding one. Also add your business logo and at least your biography.

On the right hand side click <Individual> <Public> and <Doyle Members> then <Update>

Now look to left hand side and the black navigation bar that has appeared (as shown here) and click <Your Profile>  Here you add your information to the Profile you can leave most boxes blank but it does need something in Address boxes, if you don’t want to add your address enter a full stop (.) You can also change your password here as well.