Summer Party 2017

Every Year Doyle holds a Summer Party and for the third time it was at the Oval but this year it ended in a slightly different way. 

The Corinthian Terrace is a great location on a sunny English day where cricket and networking meets. The Oval staff are great hosts and always make us welcome.

This year over 475 attended and although the cricket was slow as Middlesex played the clock out the atmosphere on the Terrace was electric with almost as many guests as members we were always talking to someone new, even if the pies were disappointing this year.  

However, the real excitement came at about 1630 when a crossbow bolt was fired into the ground and suddenly (what seemed like) 250 armed to the teeth police turned up. Read the story in the Sun here 

The excellent pictures are by 2 members Eve Omare from TACT FM and Stephen Dru of Dru Creative

Stephen can be contacted on 07710459054 or e-mail

And Eve can be contacted through Tact FM

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The Oval evacuated after CROSSBOW BOLT is fired into iconic cricket ground landing just yards from players who heard it ‘whizz’ past them during Surrey v Middlesex match