Doyle at London Build October 2017

For the first time we had a presence at London Build following their invitation to host a Doyle network meeting in the VIP suite.


Nearly 500 Doyle members and guests booked to attend and over the course of the 2 hours we met many old and new friends.

So we were able to visit the exhibition in the morning and have a good lunch with friends.

Kate Skinner did a marvelous job organising the event and Olympia catering did well even though they did not know what to expect. We even had good meat pies. 

The excellent pictures are by  Stephen Drew of Dru’s Creative and a Doyle Member

Click on the images opposite to view full-sized version you can also run a slide show controls at the bottom of the screen when you click on a picture.

Stephen Drew is the founder and run Dru’s Creative a Brand Design and Creative Services Agency. 

This includes Brand, Identity, Packaging and Advertising Design and it’s production including a Photography division called Dru’s Photography.  We produce Graphic Design, Concepts, illustration, Lettering/Typeface Design and 

Artwork for any marketing material both for print and web and we will even do press passing for you and we can act as Brand Guardians if you require it.

My background has always been in Design and Adverting with extensive industry experience having work mainly in the 

UK also spending time working in Europe in Brussels, Antwerp, Paris and also Sydney, Australia as a designer and Art director typographer and graphic artist.

Before becoming a Photography I had always been involved in it directing photographers, choosing Images from photographic  libraries and producing high end photographic retouching.

Examples of my Work 

Design and Art Direction Download link:  (Download only)

Photography Portfolio:  ( flickr online ) Double click link and view my Photography on Flickr: