Chairman’s Dinner 2017

The 3rd Chairman’s Dinner was held in November at our usual venue.

This year the Chairman opted to reduce his speech yet again and yet again he was unfairly ambushed by his Senior Vice Chairman regarding timing by starting the dinner early. Oh how our fabulous Chairman is abused by the Vice Chairman team and unjustifiably supported by 99% of the members attending. (The Chairman bought the 1% several drinks) 

We therefore had more time for the other bits – the Doyler of the Year and the professional speaker.

The Doyler of the Year 2017 was  won through the popular vote by Abby Dawson and an excellent Doyler she is.

The speaker this year was Josh Daniels and he was outstanding. Equipment failure, equipment improvisation (see how much his microphone neck stand looks like a coat hanger – pure coincidence), contributions from the audience – all no problem he took everything in his stride and made it all fun.

His 40 minute performance went in the blink of an eye a sure way to know that he was enjoyed. Of course we cannot remember one of his jokes or stories.


The excellent pictures are by  Stephen Drew of Dru’s Creative and a Doyle Member

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Stephen Drew is the founder and run Dru’s Creative a Brand Design and Creative Services Agency. 

This includes Brand, Identity, Packaging and Advertising Design and it’s production including a Photography division called Dru’s Photography.  We produce Graphic Design, Concepts, illustration, Lettering/Typeface Design and 

Artwork for any marketing material both for print and web and we will even do press passing for you and we can act as Brand Guardians if you require it.

My background has always been in Design and Adverting with extensive industry experience having work mainly in the 

UK also spending time working in Europe in Brussels, Antwerp, Paris and also Sydney, Australia as a designer and Art director typographer and graphic artist.

Before becoming a Photography I had always been involved in it directing photographers, choosing Images from photographic  libraries and producing high end photographic retouching.

Examples of my Work 

Design and Art Direction Download link:  (Download only)

Photography Portfolio:  ( flickr online ) Double click link and view my Photography on Flickr: